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Emergency Trauma Department

Emergency & Trauma

RIMS hospital is the best hospital to provide emergency and trauma care with the best health services for critically ill patients. We are equipped with talented medical professionals who have a vast expertise to deliver around the clock to ensure that the finest treatment and interventions are offered at its best in the emergency care.

Department of Emergency and Trauma Care

The department of emergency and trauma care at RIMS hospital has professionals with specialized training and years of experience to handle all sorts of medical emergencies. In any kind of emergency, time is very crucial. The care providers should understand the value of time and should be rapid and quick to take right decisions. Any delay in time, or a minor mistake can cost the loss of life for the patients. 

This best emergency and trauma care hospital handles specialty care sections for accident & trauma, paediatrics emergencies and cardiac emergencies. Our centre is staffed with trauma physicians, surgical residents, emergency room physicians and nurses – all in readiness to respond quickly to any kind of medical emergencies.

We have treated thousands of patients each year and also our emergency care wards are well furnished with cutting-edge equipment such as defibrillators, ventilators, intravenous drips and administering lifesaving drugs to provide comprehensive service and care to victims.

You needn’t panic in case of any emergency condition as the Division unit at RIMS hospital in emergency and trauma care add another level of service for the patients such as

  • Evaluation and treatment unit
  • Rapid treatment unit
  • Decontamination unit

Medical conditions – Emergency Unit and Trauma Care


It is usually a non-induced foetal death or passage of products of conception prior to 2 weeks gestation. It requires a medical emergency as vaginal bleeding occurs during this condition.


The traumatic brain injury condition involves temporary or permanent damage to the brain and brain related tissues. It can be a result of a hard impact on the head or brain often associated with internal bleeding or swelling of the brain where immediate attention is required.


Heart attack can be a serious medical emergency by which the supply of blood to the heart is usually blocked due to a blood clot. The person experiences tightness and severe pain in the chest.


When basic functions like, the intake of oxygen and removal of carbon-di-oxide from the bloodstream, are impaired, it requires an emergency and trauma care as it may be a life-threatening situation.


Bone fracture is where the continuity of the bone is broken due to stress or high force impact. The person requires a medical emergency as he/she undergoes immense pain and trauma.


Most of the traumas can be caused by motor bike accidents or falls. Very rarely people are a victim of shooting or stabbing. Trauma usually results in an assortment of injuries affecting various parts of the body.

Features available at RIMS hospital

Why choose us?

Excellent medical experts

At RIMS, we measure progress by the count of people in whom we restore the hope to give them a healthy tomorrow. Our doctors here are highly skilled, knowledgeable, and compassionate in delivering exceptional service in emergency and trauma care where you can approach them when you need them the most.

World-class infrastructure

We have streamlined processes, state-of-the-art infrastructures, advanced technologies, specialised and multidisciplinary care and an unparalleled simplicity for meeting individual health needs committed to their well-being.

Cutting-edge technology

Our global access to advanced healthcare is embraced with high precision technologies for giving the patients with a world-class healthcare expertise to offer personalized care.

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